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What is Beauty Master?

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Beauty Master, We continue to tell the masters how to establish a effective business in the beauty industry. One of the most actual ways is to create and maintain social media pages. In 2019, relying on professional skills alone is not enough for a beauty master to run a successful business. It won’t be easy to expand the customer base without basic knowledge of SMM and an understanding of social media principles.

According to figures, the number of Instagram users is increasing yearly, and business profiles are looking for good strategies to promote services.

1. The Mess In The Profile

Before looking for clients, it is essential to prepare a page because Instagram is a visual network.

The account name should be concise and easy to remember. The main profile picture is also essential. If you have a logo, feel free to use it. If you decide not to use professional designers, remember the general rules:

Small details and inscriptions are practically invisible to viewers, so avoid them.

Freelance teachers can customize their page. Don’t be afraid to display your clients who will care for their beauty.

Your task is to create a stable suggestion to be remembered, recommended, and found in searches.

The profile header is a business card. Specify contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc., mention where you are, and list the services you offer. Don’t overuse emojis; use them wisely.

Recorded stories. The social network offers more and more chances to promote your business. So how do I use Story Highlights? First, create proper albums: a list of services, prices, and examples of work.


2. Lack Of Quality Content

Since everyone on Instagram is a blogger uncovering the “secrets” of sales content, we only mention the ground rules.

  • Photos were taken in daylight only. However, don’t be afraid to trial with the software, select filters, adjust brightness, contrast, etc. For processing, use VSCO, Snapseed, Nebo, and Lightroom.
  • Videos that show the process animate the page and build audience loyalty.
  • Decide what you will tell your subscribers. For this, it is better to create monthly content plans, choose several topics you will cover, write posts upstream, and choose the time and frequency of publication. For example, you can talk about new products, give beauty tips, present salon masters and tell their sections. The best number of posts is 1-2 per day.
  • You can announce new posts and events in stories, organize votes and polls, and communicate with subscribers.

3. Ignoring The Free Promotion

Advertising can be paid and free. Which is effective, how do you set it up, and what is targeting?

For unrestricted use of the promotion:

Labels. Creating your hashtag is best so users can easily find you. Choose medium and low-frequency hashtags (1,000 to 50,000 uses). It is tough for the new profile to compete with indorsed accounts that show high-frequency requests. How to choose a hashtag? You can use Yandex, Word Stat, and Google Keyword Planner.

Geolocation for target customers.

You can also ask friends and customers to tag your profile in their photos.

Create a bonus system. Points can award for each hashtag or profile brand mention, which can convert into a discount for the next service.

4. Complete Chaos In The Targeting Settings

Competent paid raise pays off quickly. We are conversation about targeted advertising and cooperation with bloggers and opinion leaders.

Targeting targets your potential customers. There are settings for geodata, gender, age, and interests. The more precisely you configure your ads, the more people will respond to them. It would help if you had a Facebook profile to access your ad cabinet to run a promotional post.

Advertising without more analysis is a waste of money. Use services like BeLiked, It Works, and Yellow Gram to know their effectiveness. Don’t forget to check the stats in the app.

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