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Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen

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Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotic flora Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ has gone viral on social platform as one of the best Korean sunscreens. I didn’t buy anything last month, but there was a sale, so I jumped at the chance. And to be honest, you can never have enough sunscreen. Also, I had to see for myself what it was about, even though I expected what it would be. Read on for all the details!


Apply sunscreen once your skincare is wholly set and before makeup. Please wait for it to form a protective film for a few minutes, then proceed with makeup. And remember, always apply a generous amount to get the protection indicated. A little doesn’t go far with sunscreen!


How does the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics Sunscreen perform

 Texture and finish:

Elegant lotion-like texture, not heavy, and with great spreadability. At first, it looks very moisturising with a noticeable dewy finish, just like Isntree sunscreen; however, don’t be surprised. It feels weightless in just a couple of minutes and leaves a beautiful natural glow on the skin. On dry skin, it can even sink in entirely and go unnoticed.

• Is it drying out?

On the contrary, it is moisturising. The level of hydration will feel different for different skin types. Oily skin types in humid climates would find this too much if they want to avoid shine. But it could work great for oily skin during winter, and moisturiser can skip. It will suit you in most cases if you have oily, dehydrated, combination and dry skin. Also, dehydrated skin may not find it enough, but that’s easily fixed with a separate moisturiser underneath.

• Does it leave a white cast?

On. The first hint of white cast iron may notice due to the Tinosorb M hybrid filter, but it becomes transparent once fully cured.

How does it work with makeup?

Sunscreens with this type of finish generally work very well with makeup. Because they soften and smooth the skin’s surface, makeup applies much smoother and doesn’t cling to dry scales. Picture-perfect to use as a base for those with textured skin! Also, depending on your skin type and the finish of your makeup, it can add a bit more radiance to the base.

I never felt any tingling in my eyes. It is something I appreciate more and more about some Korean sunscreens since I used to apply western sunscreens only near the lower lash line mostly and on the brow bone. Otherwise, the string was not bearable.


The Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun UV Filters: Rice + Probiotics are:

Uvinul A Plus (UVA), Uvinul T 150 (highest photostable absorption of all UVB filters available), Tinosorb M (broad spectrum – highly photostable), Iscotrizinol (UVB and UVA II).

In addition to UV filters, this formula contains a few great ingredients: 30% rice extract to moisturise the skin, niacinamide for pores/anti-acne, and sections that act as antioxidants like green tea and ginseng.

What kind of sunscreen is beautiful for Joseon?

Features. [organic suncreen] Relief Sun is an organic sunscreen that rub on gently on the skin, and by also including skin-calming ingredients, it allows sensitive skin types to use it with ease.

Is the Beauty of Joseon natural?

It inspires by the Korean Joseon Dynasty women who focused on taking care of their skin rather than covering it up with makeup. The beauty of Joseon is a natural skincare brand featuring handbag (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients that help indorse a healthier and brighter complexion.


The recently released Relief Sun SPF from Beauty of Joseon has fast become a holy grail sunscreen, and for a good reason! Featuring a lightweight yet creamy texture, this non-sticky, easily-absorbed chemical / organic filter sunscreen will provide moisture without feeling heavy.

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