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Beauty Queen

London Beauty Queen A Miss England runner-up has become the first beauty queen to compete without makeup in the pageant’s nearly century-long history.

Melisa Raouf, a 20-year-old university student from south London, qualified for the semi-finals of the pageant on Monday after choosing for a no-makeup look. Now he will go to the final in October for the crown.

“It means a lot to me since I feel like many girls of different ages wear makeup because they feel they have to,” Raouf said in an interview with Britain’s Independent newspaper.

“If you’re good about yourself, you shouldn’t have to wear makeup on your face. Our faults make us who we are, and that’s what makes each unique,” She added.

Raouf said that although she started wearing makeup at a young age, she decided to avoid the pageant tradition.

“I never felt like I met beauty values. However, I recently accepted that I was beautiful in my skin, and that’s why I decided to compete without makeup,” she said—explained in the interview.

In May, Raouf sent a selfie on Instagram of the “bare face” part of the contest, writing that he was “accepting imperfections.”

Miss England finalist makes history

A British contestant stood out from the competition when she decided to take the stage without wearing any makeup.

Melisa Raouf, 20, took part in Miss England 2022 competition earlier this year and reached the semi-final of the pageant, seize on Monday, August 22, at Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences in London.

Forty women were asked to participate in the qualifiers, and Raouf was one of 16 contestants to advance to the grand final, according to the challenge’s press release.



Before becoming a Miss England finalist, Raouf won the Bare Face Top Model title in Miss London 2022 pageant, held a month earlier.

The firm that sponsored the Bare Face Top Model award, Cetuem Cosmetic, a London-based natural skincare company, praised Raouf for his no-makeup campaign.

“As a cosmetics company specialising in natural skincare, we pride ourselves on helping contestants take care of their skin, so their natural beauty can shine through,” said Andria Vassiliou, co-founder of Centum Cosmetics, in a press release. “It gives them the confidence to take their makeup off and not be swayed by unrealistic images leaked on Instagram.”


Raouf’s Simple Face 2022 profile on the Miss England site says she aims to continually promote natural beauty since she wants to help women feel empowered and contented in their makeup-free skin.

The Miss England pageant reportedly introduced the Bare Face Top Model photo series in 2019 to encourage contestants to show off their natural beauty. Although the winners had taken the title since their introduction, none had taken the stage naked until Raouf.

Raouf would be the first contestant without makeup in its 94-year history, according to an interview with The Independent, a British newspaper.

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