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Health Write For Us

Health Write For Us

Health is a fundamental condition for the development and life of human beings. In its simplest definition, it can be understood as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease or physical infirmity. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed this expanded concept of health in its 1948 constitution, reflecting the understanding of health as a life resource and not just an objective of life.

In physical terms, health implies adequate functionality of the body. This includes the ability to perform daily activities without physical limitations, disease resistance, and recovery from physical trauma, among other factors.

Diet Write For Us

Diet is a habit and a way of living. It is true that most of the time, this term is used to refer to special regimes to lose weight or to combat certain diseases, although the reality is that these cases represent modifications in the diet and not a diet in itself.

On the other hand, it considers that a diet beneficial for human health, that is, a balanced and balanced diet, must contain a sufficient amount of calories and essential nutrients for the correct growth and development of the organism in each of the stages of life. Therefore, A healthy diet must provide carbohydrates, proteins and fats (in addition to vitamins and minerals) in the appropriate proportions to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Diseases Write For Us

Disease is considered any state where there is a deterioration in the health of the human organism. All diseases involve a weakening of the body’s natural defense system or those that regulate the internal environment. Even when the cause is unknown, a disease can almost always be explained in terms of altered physiological or mental processes.

It can be considered from two conceptions: a subjective one, which is discomfort (feeling wrong with different intensity), and another objective, which affects the ability to function (limitation of bodily functioning to different degrees).

Skin Write For Us

The skin is the covering that covers the entire body surface and the largest organ of the body, with an approximate surface area of ​​2m 2 (depending on the height and weight of the person).

Skin Function

Its function is the insulation and protection of the body against external aggressions: toxic, chemical, mechanical, heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation, and pathogenic microorganisms.

And also, it intervenes in thermoregulation, maintaining the balance of body fluids, acting as a barrier against possible water loss, and eliminating various substances through sweat and sebaceous secretion.

It receives much external information that accesses the body through touch, pressure, temperature, and pain receptors.

It is also the organ of our relationship with the environment since we externalize our emotional state through our skin: we blush, we turn pale, our hair stands on end, and we smell.

On many occasions, the skin is also the place of expression of internal alterations of the body.

Technology Write For Us

Technology and capital, land, and labor.are among the four manufacturing factors. Man uses technology to satisfy his needs, including transforming his environment, solving problems, increasing competence, improving aesthetics, etc.

Well-used tech can recover people’s quality of life (such as developing cleaner production methods). However, when misused, it can cause significant destruction to people and society (for example, the use of tech for attacks and crimes).

Types of Technology

Technology can be classified according to various standards. The sample, according to its tangibility, is divided into:

Soft: It gives us intangible goods such as new financial theories or resource management forms.

Hard: Refers to what helps us crop tangible goods such as contemporary cars, anti-earthquake buildings, etc.

Similarly, according to the diversity of subdivisions in which it can be used, it is classified into:

Flexible: Mentions to what is applied in various activities and areas of study. Thus, for example, nanotechnology is applied to the health and telecommunications arenas.

Fixed: It refers to a specific field. For example, a machine for surgical operations.

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