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Breast Reduction Surgery Results  

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Breast reduction, which receives the technical name of reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the breasts proportionate to the rest of the body by removing fat, breast tissue, and skin.

The intervention is performed in the operating room, under general anesthesia, lasts between two and four hours, and usually requires a day of hospitalization. The results begin to be noticeable after six weeks and become definitive after a year.

The surgical technique usually leads to a vertical mini-T or inverted T scar in the least visible anatomically possible way. However, if accompanied by good healing, it will be practically invisible over time.


Bosom decrease, a medical procedure called decrease mammaplasty, eliminates fat, bosom tissue, and skin from the bosoms. For those with enormous breasts, bosom decrease in a medical practice can ease uneasiness and further develop appearance.

Bosom decrease a medical procedure could assist with mental self-view and the capacity to partake in proactive tasks.

Converse with a board-guaranteed plastic specialist if you’re considering a bosom decrease in a medical procedure. It’s vital to comprehend what’s engaged with the bosom to decrease a medical practice, including potential dangers and intricacies. It means quite a bit to understand what the medical system should or shouldn’t do.


What Happens After Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • After the medical procedure, you will wear versatile gauze. First, a little cylinder is put in each bosom to deplete blood and liquids. Later the cylinders will eliminate, and the wrap will change for a games bra.
  • You might feel distressed for the initial not many days, particularly while moving or hacking, and some uneasiness for possibly 14 days. After that, we will give you drugs to decrease distress.
  • The wraps will be eliminated a little after a medical procedure, even though you will keep wearing a games bra for quite some time until the enlarging dies down. The stitches will eliminate in roughly fourteen days.
  • If your bosom skin is dehydrated after a medical procedure, you can apply a cream a few times daily. Yet, make sure to keep the stitch region dry.
  • Your first period after surgery may cause your breasts to become swollen and sore. You may also experience some subjective discomfort for the first few months. You can also expect some loss of sensation in the nipple and the skin of the breast caused by edema after the surgery. These fade around six months postoperatively and can occasionally be permanent.
  • The incisions outline the area of ​​skin, breast tissue, and fat that must remove and the new position of the nipple.
  • The skin and the gland suture give a new shape to the breast. Finally, the stitches close the incisions giving the breast its new contour.
  • The scars around the areola, below it, and in the inframammary fold are permanent but can conceal by clothing.

How To Plan The Surgery?

In your first consultation, you must discuss your expectations with us and listen to our opinion. Each patient has different points of view about the optimal shape and size of the breast.

We will look at and measure your bosoms, and you will probably be shot for reference during and after a medical procedure. We will examine the factors that might influence the technique, like your age, the size and state of your bosoms, and skin condition. So we will likewise investigate where the areola and areola ought to be situated; These designs will be raised during the strategy and ought to be put about at the level of the submammary crease.

We will portray the system exhaustively, making sense of dangers and restrictions, and the scars will remain and their area. We will likewise make sense of the kind of sedation utilized, where the mediation will complete, and its expenses.

How To Recover From Breast Reduction Surgery

After surgery, you will receive postoperative instructions. Follow them sensibly so you can heal properly.

Instructions will include the types of medications to apply to the area of ​​surgery, oral medications to help heal and reduce the risk of infection, and when to follow up with your surgeon.

Breast Reduction Scars

One of the biggest concerns is the scars that remain after the operation. In all breast reduction, there is a risk of obtaining a resulting spot of greater or lesser extent. The type of scar hinges on one technique used, also intervening in other factors such as the breast size and the elevation desired after the surgical intervention. Although the imperfections are permanent, the quality of the skin, the hands of the plastic surgeon, and the postoperative care are essential so that they are imperceptible. In the gallery of images of breast reduction before and after. You can see how these scars look according to their evolution and how they fade over time.


In addition to the aesthetic aspects, the breast reduction operation is the surgery that generates the most psycho-physical benefits in the patients who undergo it since they see how their day-to-day changes by being able to carry out activities that they could not do before. Such as physical exercise or checking that the frustrating situations of not finding clothes in your size are over.

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