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Best Makeup Mirror With Light – 2023

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A very effective solution is to have a makeup mirror with light. Whether working for a natural daytime makeup look, putting on intricate false lashes, or attacking the smallest stray hairs with your tweezers, a lighted makeup mirror will help ensure you look the best version of yourself. With so many choices on the marketplace today, we talked to makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike to find out which lighted makeup mirrors will most likely give you a flawless finish.

Type of light: The intensely heated incandescent bulbs surrounding the backstage dressing room mirrors are mostly a thing of the past. Most lighted makeup mirrors today, including all the mirrors on this list, use LED lights, which are more energy-efficient and offer more versatility.

Some mirrors have built-in lights under the glass, casting a calmer, softer light ideal for natural everyday makeup. They can also produce a range of light diseases that serve different purposes: a warm glow is best for putting on makeup for a night out or candlelight dinner; a daylight setting is best for smearing makeup for brunch or outdoor activities, and excellent light is better for a day in an office or classroom. Some makeup mirrors will allow you to switch between light temperatures to suit a variety of looks and situations.


Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Value the Money

There are few simpler joys than clicking on one of the best-lighted makeup mirrors as you get ready in the morning, except perhaps for coffee. Sure, you can do your face just fine under the fluorescent lights in your bathroom or using your phone’s selfie camera, but who wants to squint for 15 minutes straight? Not to mention that having a mirror all to yourself is incredibly helpful on days when you’re struggling to get to work, but your partner or roommate is the first to go to the bathroom.

Today there is no shortage of choices if you are looking to find the best-lighted makeup mirror, no matter how technologically progressive you want. There are mirrors with built-in phone chargers and USB ports, ones that will tell you the weather (yes, really), and others that will let you quickly check emails so you can make the most of it before you leave home.

Riki Skinny Lighted Vanity Mirror

Don’t worry: the skinny in this glass’s name refers to how thin it is, not some misguided ability to make you look slimmer. It’s also an influencer’s dream: In addition to the five-stage dimming of its LED lights, it comes with custom HD daytime running lights, a magnetic makeup mirror, and a magnetic phone clip for, wait, the custom Bluetooth selfie feature.

In all honesty, I haven’t taken any photos of myself yet. Still, I’ve used this mirror daily for my makeup, especially in my dark work office, and I find it a handy tool for accurately matching foundation. Of progression, it’s a splurge, but if you’re looking for a mirror that will make you look well on Instagram or YouTube, this is it.

I never believed I needed a lighted mirror until I did. It does all these fancy things like charging my phone and playing music. At the same time, I apply mascara, but when you live in a studio with a couple who like to take their time getting ready in the morning (and, of course, always let wet sink), having a vanity mirror makes a big difference.

Funtouch Lighted Makeup Mirror – Assorted Colors

The makeup mirror is designed with 21 LED lights distributed around the edges, which can be adjusted in brightness and intensity so as not to damage your eyesight. It has a rectangular shape with a circular base and enough space to store accessories and organize the makeup area.

The mirror can rotate up to 180 degrees and works with 4 AA batteries (not included) or, if preferred, with a USB cable. Its different areas stand out with x1 or x10 magnification to perform a more precise makeup with the eyelashes or eyebrows.


Precise and uniform prevents shadows and allows us to see if any of the products have not been correctly blurred or homogenized. If all makeup artists agree on something, sunlight is the best for applying makeup.

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