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Phil Collins Health – All You Need to Know About Phil Collins

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About Phil Collins

Philip David Charles, also known as Phil Collins, was born on 30th Jan 1951. He is an English-born drummer, singer, and actor. First and foremost, he was born in Middlesex, Chiswick, Hounslow. He was a drummer and a singer for a band called Genesis. Besides being a singer in a band, he seems pretty versed in what his career entails. ‘No Jacket Required’ is the most popular album of Phil Collins, and it has sold over ten million copies in the USA. Some of his best works include In the Air Tonight, which was believed to have been written by Collin when he witnessed a man drowning, a fact that is now proved to be an urban legend. Some well-known movies that Collins has featured in include The Buster (1988). Lily Collins is his daughter, an actress of great fame.

In 1999, Phil Collins was awarded an Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for best song with the piece “You’ll Be in My Heart” for the movie Tarzan.

Phil Collins Solo albums

  • Face Value – 1981
  • Hello, I Must Be Going – 1982
  • No Jacket Required – 1985
  • …But Seriously – 1989
  • Both Sides – 1993
  • Dance into the Light – 1996
  • Testify – 2002
  • Going Back – 2010

Phil Collins Health

This year, Collins was recording some music in Los Angeles, and one day, he woke up with a sudden hearing impairment in his left ear. He decided to seek advice from three doctors, and each of them said that no treatment could be done and the possibility of her recovering fully was remote. It may also interest readers that he regained much of his hearing capability two years later. Collins then discovered it rose from a viral infection and was treated.

Phil Collins HealthWhen working on the ‘Calling All Stations’ album, Collins had a minor injury on their upper neck that started when he was on Genesis’s tour in 2007. Later, in April 2009, he had to undergo surgery to correct this condition. After this operation, he could not discern his fingers, except that he could only hold the drumsticks if they were fixed to the drum. In 2010, Collins finally hinted at depression and low self-esteem in the past years; he also talked of his suicidal thoughts but declined the idea of being a father to his children.

However, in 2014, he stated that he still could not drum, and it was not arthritis as previously diagnosed but a nerve disorder of which the exact nature was yet to be ascertained. In 2015, he also experienced back surgery due to his spine problem. However, in a 2016 interview, he said he could still not drum with his left hand. His doctor told him he had to start “step by step” and…” practice” to return to his drumming.

Collins appeared to have a messy personal life in the subsequent years: he had experienced three divorces and alcoholism after his Third retirement. He also mentioned that he has been with Sobriety for the last three years.

Collins, in January 2017, disclosed that he had type two diabetes and had undergone treatment with a hyperbaric chamber after he got a diabetic abscess on his foot that got infected. Collins interrupted two shows in June 2017. After the singer slipped into his hotel room, his head hit the chair, and he fell on it. He needed stitches for a deep cut near his eye. Due to the back operation, his foot drop led to the masterpiece’s fall.

Collins started moving around with a cane in 2017. When he needed help with mobility due to his progressing illness and also to perform when seated.


In conclusion, one of the team’s feared centerpieces, Phil Collins Health, was injured in 2009. It is wrong that the neck injuries he sustained were surgically operated on, and something went wrong. Because of this, he has been unable to take a drum set and play it. This made him walk with a cane. Jagger needed to sit on a chair during a stage performance.