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Dime Beauty – Brand, Ingredients, and More

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Husband and wife team Baylee and Ryan Relf founded Dime Beauty Dime Beauty. It was Baylee who saw a need in the skincare market to offer ocean, non-toxic skincare brand.

Wanting to learn more about skincare and how to take it to the next level, she went to school and became a master beautician. While at school, he confirmed that the skin has different needs at different times in our lives.

Fortunately, Ryan landed a job as a product development specialist in the beauty and skincare industry. So, with their knowledge and skills, Ryan and Baylee set out to create their skincare brand, catering to the requirements of different age groups and being affordable.

Is Dime A Clean Beauty Brand?

With all the greenwashing out there, of course, I can’t take a brand’s word for it when it says its brand. So I always look at their actual ingredient list and any third-party certifications they may have. After researching their ingredients, I found some elements that I wouldn’t say I like that Dime Beauty uses.


The two ingredients that are doubtful to me are phenoxyethanol and soybean phytosterols.

Phenoxyethanol is a preservative and is not necessarily harmful in small amounts, but it all depends on how it is obtaine and how harshly it use. I have used numerous clean beauty products with this ingredient, but I know the origin and the percentages.

The ingredient is not in all goods. They use a small quantity at no more than 1%, which is outstanding. However, the big question would be whether it is a pure form of phenoxyethanol since phenoxyethanol can cover 1,4-dioxane, which is carcinogenic. They said they were energetically trying to find replacements for phenoxyethanol as a preservation, which I thought was great. However, I emailed them and asked if their phenoxyethanol is dirty with 1,4 dioxane, and this is the response I received:

Ultimately, they didn’t response my question, which I bummer about.  If they’ve done the research, I would love to see it! If you snap the first link to read their ingredient standards, you’ll see the first element they don’t permit in their products is 1,4 dioxane.  So I’m arrogant the phenoxyethanol they use wouldn’t be dirty with 1,4 dioxane, then?  But unfortunately, I can’t believe in the world of clean beauty because you never know until you get solid sign.  It makes me miracle if they realize that phenoxyethanol can contaminate 1,4 dioxane.

EWG Score Of Dime Beauty Ingredients

I like how they list each product’s ingredients and their website’s EWG score for each element. It makes it very useful for a consumer when reading an ingredient label. It also helps educate the consumer on why the ingredient is there. So it is essential to help share how the products work and why certain elements are needed.

I appreciate the thought of creating this type of information on each product. Sometimes it’s hard to find the ingredients for a product, so I love the effort to develop it for the customer. I also want to say that you don’t always have to follow what the EWG says; they’re not perfect. It’s good to look deeper and not rely on just one source.

Dime Beauty Product Reviews

We analyzed reviews for Dime Beauty’s best-selling products:

  • The Works skincare bundle
  • The Elite Bundle
  • Eyelash Boost Serum
  • Eyebrow Enhancing Gel
  • Super Eye Duo

If you’ve been thinking about buying from Dime, you’ve probably considered one of these popular products. But before you buy, you want to know how real customers are rating and using these products.


It indicates that Dime Beauty is a customer-focused company you can trust to buy from. You’re getting clean, affordable, and effective skincare when you buy from Dime Beauty.

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