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My Skin Buddy – How to Use, Cleansing, and More

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My Skin Buddy is an all-in-one skincare device with LED, supersonic, ion, and warm air heat therapy. At its most basic, it’s a cavernous cleansing skincare device for healthy aging. But beneath the surface, it suggestions a clear appearance, skin brightening, and acne controller. A new sleek, black version of the My Skin Buddy was just out, so I wanted to highlight it with a new blog post. First, let’s dive into why I consider this a must-own device and how to use it at home. If you didn’t previously want a My Skin Buddy, I bet you will after this post.

How To Use My Skin Buddy

Let’s start with two quick warnings:

  • My Skin Mate isn’t water-verification. Indeed, assuming that it was, it would be great. Ideally, they make a future cycle of water evidence. But, for the time being, if it’s not too much trouble, get it far from the shower, bath, or sink.
  • My Skin Pal accompanies a little clear plastic ring that might seem to be junk to you. Kindly don’t discard it. It gets cotton or cloth cushions to the top of the gadget. Utilizing specific cleaning agents, toners, or serums with the device is more straightforward. You’ll be very miserable, assuming that you toss it out coincidentally.

The My Skin Buddy device has six settings that you can select by pressing its button:

  • Profound Purge with Red Drove light, ultrasonic vibrations, and warm intensity. This mode is best for applying chemicals and toner with the most excellent shedding.
  • Blue Drove light treatment with ultrasonic vibrations and harmful particle care. Since blue light kills p. acne microbes, this mode is best for skin inflammation breakouts.
  • Green Drove light treatment with ultrasonic vibrations and harmful particle care. As green light tends to the complexion, this mode works by lighting up flaws and hyperpigmentation.
  • Red Drove light treatment with ultrasonic vibrations and harmful particle care. This adaptation of red light lifts collagen restoration and skin revival.
  • Multicolor Drove light treatment with ultrasonic vibrations. By joining all lights, this mode tends to the past three choices in a single setting.
  • No Drove with ultrasonic vibrations. It is excellent if your Skin is doing fine. However, it would help if you had a little lift to your purging.

All right, the rudiments far remove, so how about we get to the great stuff?


My Skin Buddy Cleansing Routine


Begin by applying your number one chemical to your face. I love a feeding cleaning agent that foams pleasantly, such as Rhonda Allison Delicate Peptide Scrub or HoliFrog’s Predominant Omega Nutritive Gel Wash. Any chemical that offers some great slip and lessens erosion will function admirably.

After you’ve applied the chemicals to your face and neck, select your ideal setting. I suggest involving the primary location for the warm intensity. However, any place you’d like will help. Next, take the top of your gadget and delicately focus on its round movements around your face and neck.


Presently it’s toner time! Snatch your ideal toner, a dressing toner cushion, and the MSB’s toner cushion ring. I appreciate Nelly De Vuyst BioScience Touchy Skin Toner. However, Sorella Pharmacist Watermelon Mint Hydrating Fog is fantastic when I need a bonus breath. Pick a toner that tends to your Skin’s necessities, and you’ll be usual.

My Skin Buddy For Serums & Moisturizers

The interaction between serums and creams is pretty much something similar. The enormous change here is that you won’t desire to utilise setting one, profound purify. That mode uses warm treatment and positive ionisation, so it’s somewhat less about item implantation. The ionization of settings 2-6 is negative with the goal that it will push any charged dynamic fixings toward your Skin.

Other than setting decision, here are different things you can change around for serum and lotion:

  • For serums, feel free to apply a siphon or two straightforwardly to the top of the MSB. You can then utilise the gadget to apply the serum during treatment. It will work best with a serum that has a slip to it.
  • Should the serum or cream you’re utilising lose slip during your meeting, no problem! Utilise a little spritz of Le Mieux Iso-Cell Arrangement, and you’ll be ready to take on the world.
  • Serums and creams are about dynamic fixings that stay all over for some time. Therefore, ensure you pick skincare items that match your necessities. For instance, suppose you’re attempting to address imperfections and hyperpigmentation. For this situation, you could consolidate Sorella Pharmacist’s Lemon Easing up Serum with setting three. The green Drove light will work couple with your serum’s strong fixings. What’s more, if you didn’t know, you shouldn’t flush your face after utilising MSB with serum or cream.

Caring For Your My Skin Buddy

Your face is shimmering, gleaming, and clean now, yet what might you think about your My Skin Pal? Begin by clearing any overabundance of items off the top of the gadget. Then, splash a fine 70% scouring liquor on a toner cushion and delicately clean it off. Finally, try to get any fluid far from the charging port.

To keep your My Skin Amigo as perfect as could be expected, snatch one of their UV Disinfect and Go Packs. This little pocket comes controlled with UV lights to rapidly and essentially clean your MSB and different gadgets. You might throw your telephone clinched to purify it in a hurry. It is simple: apparent any of the fluid of the thing you need to disinfect to Utilize it. Then place it inside the pocket, close it, and press the power button. After three minutes, you’ll have cleaned everything inside it to 99.5%! This sack is the skincare gadget extra I never realised I had without exception needed.

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