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How To Apply Moisturizer?

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Moisturizing your face is the key to starting the day well; it is crucial to apply a moisturizer with the right movements so that it works.

What is your Type of Skin?

Before applying any cream, serum or makeup, wash your face. It doesn’t matter if you just woke up or are going to touch up your makeup in the middle of the afternoon for an important event. To know which moisturizer to use,  the first thing is to identify your skin type: oily, dry or mixed, and in this way, select the product that works best for you. Remember that not all of us have the same skin type, so the cream that works for your friend may not work for you.

What is a Moisturizer for?

Applying moisturizer helps protect your face from the sun and pollution and prevents or delays the appearance of wrinkles. For the moisturizer to take effect in the best way, it is essential to apply the facial products properly. You have to respect the order of density; once your face is clean and free of grease or traces of makeup, apply the effects from the lightest to the one with the densest texture.

Apply your Moisturizer Correctly

Just as we have memorized the steps of double facial cleansing, we also have to know how to apply the moisturizer to make the most of its active ingredients. Here are some tips from an expert.


1. The Ideal Moisturizer

The first step to showing off healthy and nourished skin is choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type and needs. Otherwise, you will waste time and money with a product that will not affect your face and may even damage it in the worst case.

2. The Order of Execution

It is important to see in what order you should apply your moisturizers to be the most effective. It is not worth doing it haphazardly because each has a specific function. And it is not worth using only a moisturizer as a beauty ritual. It cannot be missing, but if you want to achieve better results, you must accompany it with other products. That said, you would first clean your face before starting the beauty session to remove all traces of makeup or dirt that may have adhered to the skin. It would help if you went from the lightest to the heaviest textured product.

In this sense, the first to be applied after cleansing is the toner to restructure the skin’s pH. Next, it’s the turn of the facial serum. This treatment hydrates and regenerates the skin from the deepest layers. After a couple of minutes, you continue with the eye contour; you cannot forget this step, much less use the same moisturizing cream on your face. You should use one specifically for the area around the eyes. Finally, it is time to apply the moisturizing face cream to nourish the skin on the outside and leave it smooth.

3. How To Apply Face Cream

This part also has its trick. And it is that experts recommend applying cosmetics with a slight facial massage to improve their effectiveness. For the serum, for example, you should use only 3 or 4 drops in the palm of your hand and spread it over the face with the fingertips, simulating the so-called ‘rain effect’ from the forehead to the cheeks, nose and chin to stimulate deeper penetration.

Something similar happens with facial moisturizers. In this case, you should apply it by keeping your fingers flat and gently pressing with undulating movements (wave effect) from the inside out to improve blood circulation. Do not forget about the neck and neckline. These body parts are just as important as the face and can be hydrated similarly.

And, of course, you must follow this ritual day and night.

4. Do Not Go Overboard with The Quantity

You are very wrong if you think that adding more cream will hydrate your skin. To give you an idea, an amount the size of a pea or a chickpea is enough for the entire face. If you apply too much cream, your skin doesn’t fully absorb it, and it can clog your pores and create unnecessary and uncomfortable shine.


As you can see, learning how to apply moisturizer on the face is very simple, but it includes more details than we often imagine. Following these guidelines will help you have a radiant and healthy complexion for much longer. Who would think of not doing it?

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