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Low Acid Coffees Brands For A Sensitive Stomach

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Best Low-Acid Coffees If you’re not a morning person, and even if you are, there’s nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee. But for anyone with digestive sensitivities, this cup of coffee can wreak havoc on your stomach. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you must ditch that beloved daily iced coffee overall; low-acid coffee may be more leisurely on sensitive stomachs.

“Coffee contains several different acidic chemicals, including malic acid, citric acid, and acetic acid,” says Maddie Pasquariello, registered dietitian and organizer of East Coast Health and Nutrition with Maddie. When you drink coffee, these acids are released from the coffee grounds, resulting in an acidic pH of around 5 in a cup of brewed coffee (for reference, water is neutral and has a pH of 7). It increases gastric acid levels in the stomach and can cause stomach upset.

Your stomach is also an acidic situation that helps break down food, adds Abigail Hueber, integrative functional dietician. However, if your gastrointestinal system is prone to digestive issues such as heartburn or upset, drinking coffee can trigger the root and cause symptoms such as indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, and cramps. Caffeine is stimulating, which, in addition to causation nervousness, can increase the stomach’s acidity.

Why low-acid coffee may be better for delicate stomachs

Since the increased acidity can cause unwanted discomfort, one key is to drink low-acid coffee. These coffees have a lesser pH, so they won’t raise your stomach acid much and are less likely to cause colic and heartburn.

What to guise for in a low-acid coffee

Dark bake

It power be counterintuitive, If but dark roast coffee is less acidic than light cook coffee. Darker roasted beans are roasted longer and at higher temperatures. Because of that, they often have fewer acid-producing compounds that trick the stomach into secreting more acid, says Hueber. Pasquariello thinks he can also brew espresso beans other than coffee beans because the espresso brews for less time, and less acid is released from the beans.

Cold beer

There is good news for those who prefer coffee to ice: cold coffee is usually less acidic than hot coffee. The process of cold soaking for a long time in cold water reduces the number of acids produced (and creates a less bitter taste).

According to Pasquariello, other possible ways to reduce the acidity of coffee are to dilute it slightly with water or add a small pinch of baking soda, which has a high pH and can raise the pH of your coffee. (Don’t add too much, or you’ll sense of taste it, count).


Best low-acid dark roast coffee

Life boost single-origin coffee beans are organic, ethically sourced, and low in acid, so they’re easier on the stomach – everyone wins. The beans are found by small farmers, roasted in small batches, and tested for mould, bacteria, and several different toxins.

Fabula Dark Roast Coffee

This Fabula Dark Roast is single-origin from high-altitude regions in Peru and is low-acid, organic, non-GMO, and freshly roasted before delivery. The coffee has clues of caramelised sugar and nutty aromas. Here are also choices for a light roast, medium roast, cold brew, espresso, and French press, and all are low in acid.

Caribbean Medium Roast

Caribbrew’s single-origin coffee comes from Haiti, wherever it’s grown at high altitudes (4,000 feet!) without harmful chemicals. They do dark and medium Arabica roasts with low acidities, like this bag with hints of chocolate and nuts. It’s smooth and full-bodied but not sour, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee comfortably.

La Colombe Corsica Dark Roast

You may take had a cup of f La Colombe at one of their cafes in person, and you can also enjoy the small-scale roasted beans at home. This dark roast hints at chocolate for a delicious flavour that pleases your palate and stomach.

French Roast Black Puroast Coffee

Puroast’s exclusive technology increases the number of antioxidants (seven times more than green tea) while lowering the acidity (by 70%), which helps prevent upset stomachs and heartburn from interfering with the pleasure of drinking coffee. This dark, low-acid French roast is just one of many whole-grain options (you can also get a decaf or medium coffee).


The options revised in this post are excellent for particular subsets of coffee lovers, and they’re some of the most incredible coffee beans. However, if you want an all-around pleaser with low acid and great taste, Volcanica Coffee’s Low Acid Blend is the way to go. The range of roasts shows their sureness in the quality and taste of the beans.

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