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Magnetic Eyelashes – How to Apply? Advantages and More

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Magnetic eyelashes are nothing more than a strip of hair – natural or synthetic – that have two to five micromagnets placed in a rectangular shape at the base, which allows them to adhere to any magnetized surface. Today there are two options for setting these false extensions: using two strips of magnetic eyelashes that join, leaving ours in the middle, or using an eyeliner gel with magnet particles, to which a strip of hair adheres after placing it on the eyelid.

In both formats, you can choose the thickness and length of the eyelashes, and the strips can adapt to each eye by cutting a part of the ends from the last magnet outwards; thus, they will look much more natural.

How are Magnetic Eyelashes Applied?

It may look like a difficult task to place them well, but once you get the hang of it, the rest is sewing and singing. We are going to simplify, step by step, the placement of both types of magnetised eyelashes:

Double-row Magnetic Tabs

They are the ones that recently revolutionised the market. These two hair strips for each eye are joined with micromagnets and catch the real ones, which stay in the middle. They are somewhat tedious to place, but it only takes a few tries to get the hang of it. Place the top row on your lashes first – you can press them against yours so that it stays in place until you place the bottom ones. Trying not to blink – we know this is difficult – position the bottom row until it clicks with the top one; It will be then when they are fixed and ready to enjoy them.

It is essential to place them properly because if you get too close to the skin on the edge of the eyelid, you could catch it between the magnets, and if you leave them too far away, they will not look so natural, and they could even fall off with the weight. To facilitate this task, there are magnetic tweezers – similar to eyelash curlers – where the upper and lower strips are placed on the magnets to later join them in the eye more easily with this tool.

Eyeliner or Magnetic Eyeliner

The latest novelty has reached the market: a liquid eyeliner with magnet nanoparticles. So once it applies to the eyelid – as would complete with any other eyeliner – you have to bring the magnetic eyelashes closer so that they adhere to it without any problem, a much simpler way than the previous one.

In this case, you can also choose the shape and thickness of the eyelashes and cut them in the same way so that they fit the profile of the eye. It is essential to say that any magnetic false eyelash is using with this eyeliner, as the mechanism is precisely similar. And to get rid of it, you can use micellar water or the product you generally use to remove makeup from your eyes.


Advantages of using Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes have significant advantages over their competitors, the false ones with glue and the hair-by-hair eyelash extensions. And is that these can remove and put on much faster, in your own home, without cement that can damage the skin or hair, and with a natural finish that is resistant to gestures and even wind.

Another of their virtues is that they very easily remove; it is enough to slightly pull them towards the tip of the eyelash so that they separate from the natural ones in seconds. With approximately 20 uses, it is a cheaper option than eyelash extensions: around 20 euros compared to 60 euros.

Placing these hairlines is safe since the magnets are tiny and do not interfere with eye health. However, it must be occupied into account during placement that if it places too close to the eyelid, it can pinch the skin and that the pressure exerted by the magnets on the hairs that remain in between – in the case of double-strip magnetic – makes them fall out when removing them, something that can also happen just by rubbing your eyes.

Can I Wear Mascara With Magnetic Lashes?

Yes and no. Never apply mascara to your false eyelashes; you would damage their delicate threads and concession their helpful life. If you wish to place on mascara, do so before applying your attractive eyelashes. Ensure the mascara is completely dry before attaching your magnetic lashes to the eyeliner. Drying will help prevent your natural strokes from sticking to your false strokes.

References for the Safety Use of Magnetic Eyelashes

For your magnetic eyelashes to last as long as possible, about 20 benefits, you must take into account these cleanliness and safety tips :

  • As with the toothbrush, magnetic eyelashes should not be share with another person, as they can transmit eye infections.
  • Store your lashes in a closed box where dust or moisture cannot enter.
  • Clean them properly with micellar water after use; This way, you will remove any remaining makeup and avoid infections.
  • To make them look more natural, it recommends doing a black outline, which will hide the small magnets, which could be visible when looking up.
  • Suppose you have an outbreak of conjunctivitis or a style. In that case, you should avoid using magnetic extensions, as they can further irritate your eyes and provide the perfect habitat for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to colonise you again the next time you use them.
  • If the outbreak of conjunctivitis begins with the eyelashes, it is advisable to get rid of them, as they may contaminate.
  • Before putting them on, it is essential to wash your hands well, as they can come into contact with the eyes at some point and infect them.
  • Take your time applying your lashes; doing it while moving – for example, in a car – or without the necessary precision can cause injuries or prevent them from providing the desired natural look.
  • If you are going to have an MRI, you must bear in mind that you will not be able to wear your eyelashes nor apply the eyeliner of this range since the machine that performs this test works like a giant magnet and could cause you damage.


All cosmetics have many ingredients, and some can be harmful. Knowing what formulations use in eyelid products before making a purchase is essential because while some makeups are perfectly safe, others are not.

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