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Top 10 Fitness Subscription Boxes

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Fitness Subscription boxes are a popular method of trying out new products without leaving the comfort of your home. After you join a subscription box business, you’ll enjoy a box of exact-themed products delivered to your door regularly for a fixed price. While every subscription box business is different, they aim to offer their customers new, high-quality products that suit their sensitivities.

When it comes to choosing the ideal fitness subscription boxes for you, there are a few things to consider:

1. Spartan Cardboard

Spartan cartons design for the powerlifter. There are always three snacks, three supplements, and some workout gear in every box. Whether you want to gain muscle or keep your weightlifting workout routine, this subscription box company create it for you.

The boxes are two different sizes: the Citizen box is $25 a month, and the Warrior box is $99 a month. Packages include workout motivation, new fitness ideas, and high-protein snacks, gear, or workout gear. The contents of the Warrior box tend to be of higher quality and value than those in the Citizen box.

2. FabFitFun

It’s wellness, fitness, style, and fun in one ever-popular quarterly box: FabFitFun is one of our readers’ favourite subscriptions. While the box is packed with excellent lifestyle and beauty articles (excellent, by the way), subscribers also get access to FabFitFunTV, which offers high-quality workout videos for you to watch at home. Subscribers are always impressed by the selection, value, and access to discounts through their add-on program and Edit sales several times a year, where discounts of up to 75% are not uncommon.

Check out our FabFitFun reviews or read this information about FabFitFun to subscribe. Ships to the United States and Canada.

3. Yoga Club

The Yoga Club subscription box offers members a package of yoga clothes each month. $45 gets you a pair of leggings each month, $69 gets you a 2-piece outfit, and the $79 option is for a three-piece business. All items are of high quality and are chosen just for you based on a membership questionnaire. The brands included recognised and of high quality.


One of the best shares about becoming a member of the Yoga Club is that with every case of your purchase, they offer a free yoga class for a child in need. All garments are fully refundable, so there is no need to worry about something not fitting you.

4. Ellie

Ellie is a monthly fitness subscription for females. They focus primarily on workout clothes but depending on your subscription level, you can also expect other types of fitness products. Once a month, you will choose what you want from a selection of sports and fitness clothing designed by their team. What style of yogi or bodybuilder are you? Do you like to repeat matching sets or mix colours and patterns? Both things are possible with this box. Therefore join the 2-item monthly plan to receive a top and a bottom each month; opt for the 3-item plan to get a top, sports bra and briefs; go big with the 5-item plan to get a monthly top, sports bra, briefs and two accessories.

5. Sprout Box

Protein Box is designe with protein lovers in mind. This monthly box of protein-rich snacks can contain turkey or beef jerky, protein chips and bars, or many other delicious snacks high in protein.

There are no teaser sample sizes here; Protein Box holds between 8 and 12 total-size products. For just $35.99 a month (with discounted subscription options), you’ll enjoy delicious, healthy, portable snacks every month you’re a member.

6. Yogi Surprise

The Yogi Surprise subscription enhances your yoga practice by delivering mindful items that help with motivation, focus, and education. So to cheer you up on the mat, you’ll receive things like yoga straps, mat sprays, intention cards and more; For inspiration beyond the mat, expect aromatherapy articles, how-to guides, ingredient-conscious beauty products, conscious accessories and healthy snacks.

7. Wantable Fitness

If, in your book, the best fitness subscription boxes are the ones that help you find the greatest activewear, Wantable Fitness is an individual styling payment that can help. When you sign up, you’ll take a panache test and be assigned a personal fitness creator who will announce you to the best leggings, sports bras, tops, pants, and overclothes for your body type, style preferences, and needs. Therefore after you receive your box and try everything on, you can keep what you like. Applying the $20 styling fee to your total and receiving a 20% discount if you keep all five items. And of course, you can return what you don’t like!


The cleverly named WODBOM (workout of the day, box of the month) box creates for the CrossFit enthusiast. Subscribers will enjoy a mix of healthy snacks, supplements, apparel or gym accessories each month.

The $ 35-a-month subscription fee covers the premium, tested, and recommended products that fill the monthly WODBOM box. Cross-Fit athletes need gear designed specifically for their chosen workout, and the WODBOM Subscription Box doesn’t stop there.

9. Fit Snack

Fit Snack is a monthly subscription box full of snacks for fitness lovers. Two of the following characteristics apply to each item in the box. Non-GMO, High Protein, Low Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan, Very Expected. Big business, right? Mixed in with the gym bag options are always a few pantry staples so you can experiment with the healthy meals you make at home. It’s a great way to study new healthy brands to stock up on and a better way to have protein snacks available when you need them!

10. Wild Woman Box

Wild Woman is a monthly subscription for women who love to get outdoors. It’s just as good an option for seasoned outdoor adventurers as it is for those new to getting out in the wild, and in fact, making the outdoors accessible to all women is a goal of this subscription. Each box arrives with an assortment of gear, snacks for the road, natural skin and personal care products, and inspiration to get outside and move.


With so many fitness subscription boxes, one is bound to suit your needs and budget. How wonderful to live in a time when quality products can deliver directly to our homes! So no more fighting lines at the mall and only finding shoddy gear.

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