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Winter Skin Care – Tips, Issues and More

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Winter Skin Care Cold, dry air can easily irritate the skin. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to combat the causes of dry skin in winter and keep your skin soft and supple throughout the season.

While this article details ten approved tips for winter skincare, and we highly recommend that you read the entire article, here are the key points we’re going to focus on:

What Happens to Your Skin in the Winter?

Filaggrin, one of the essential proteins in our skin for preserving barrier function and usual moisturizing factors, is reduced during the winter. It also decreases with age and hormonal changes. It, combined with cold, dry weather, low humidity, and indoor heating that dehydrates our skin, leads to dryness and worsening skin conditions in many people.

Follow these Tips to Take Care of your Skin in Winter :

  1. Especially if you suffer from any dermatosis. Hydration is essential to take care of our skin and prevent it from looking dry. You can use creaming or mild exfoliation creams.
  2. It also moisturizes the lips. It is one of the parts of the body that suffers the most in winter, and do not forget to protect them from ultraviolet light.
  3. Take care of your hands. Hand care at this time of year is essential, especially for the nails, since the cold weather makes them more fragile and tend to break. Use creams with karate.
  4. Watch out for some fragrances or lotions. Using products that may be too aggressive for the face and body is not advisable. Choose soft products.
  5. Do not shower with boiling water or very cold. The idea is lukewarm water.
  6. Protect yourself from the sun. Yes, also in winter, especially if you are going to ski in areas with snow.
  7. Try to avoid sudden temperature changes, as this increases the possibility of the appearance of spider veins.
  8. Take the opportunity to do an intensive facial depigmenting treatment, such as a medical peel. At the Salute Aesthetic Medicine Center, we are specialists in peelings.
  9. Take care of the food. Advance in your ingestion of vitamin C and antioxidants. Drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day and avoid tobacco and alcohol in extra."

Common Skin Problems In Winter & Their Solutions

You should be aware of many different winter skin problems, along with the exact skin care tips that will help you get rid of them. Read on to check them out.

1. Extremely Dry Skin On The Nose

The crisp winter air can make your nose feel extremely dry, and some of you might also notice your skin tearing and peeling, which is uncomfortable. These skin problems in winter can be tackled with the correct winter face cream. Look for a cream with shea butter in its formula.

2. Chapped & Peeling Lips

The worst dry skin problem in winter that everyone will be facing is dry, cracked lips. But it is nothing an excellent moisturizing and nourishing lip balm can’t handle. To restate this concern, you can look for a rich lip balm infused with beeswax or shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients.

3. Chafing Of Skin On The Body

Wearing thicker, woolly clothes and increased skin friction can lead to chafing skin during winter, which is very irritating and sometimes even painful. You can counter this winter skin condition by opting for breathable fabrics and applying a soothing, fragrance-free moisturizer to areas prone to friction and chafing, like the thighs and underarms.

4. Breakouts Due To Unsuitable Skin Care Products

You might be confused about why your skin is suddenly breaking out in the winter, significantly since you haven’t even changed your skincare routine or products. However, not changing your skincare routine and products for the winter might be the root cause of this winter skin issue. Whether your skin is oily or standard, the winter makes your skin very dry, and that is something your summer-appropriate skin products can’t handle. It would help if you switched to a winter moisturizer for oily skin and gentler face washes to avoid painful dry skin breakouts.

5. Dry Patches Of Skin

No matter your skin type, you might experience dry skin problems this winter. And if you have combination skin, it might be even more evident. Dry patches can appear on your chin, jawline, or entire forehead. You can fight this skin concern by using a richer moisturizer in these areas that contains nourishing and soothing natural ingredients like shea butter or cucumber. You can even try glycerin moisturizers or vitamin E creams.

6. Dullness Of Skin

Dullness is another winter skin problem you can face that is caused due to dryness and dehydration. But you can brighten up your skin and boost its radiance by using a winter face pack for dry skin. You can even make your DIY face pack with yogurt and honey to nourish your skin.

7. Skin Irritation & Itching

Extreme dryness in the winter can source your skin to feel skintight and itchy. You need to nourish your skin from the inside out to keep this concern from bothering you. Aside from using winter face creams and body lotions, consume juices for glowing skin like beetroot juice, guava juice, or green celery juice in your winter diet.


As an effect of the above, the skin feels tight. As a result of the coat formed by dead cells, the sebaceous excretion reaches the surface with more effort in lubricating and nourishing the epidermis, leaving it dry and sensitive.

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