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What is Veganuary?

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Veganuary is a UK non-profit organization that aims to promote and encourage veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle throughout January. The main focus of the 31-day challenge is asking people only to eat vegan products, but some take it a step further and adjust the clothes they buy.

This year in 2021, a record 500,000 people have promised to participate in Veganuary, 100,000 more than in 2020. Many fast food openings also launch new contributions during Veganuary, including Greggs’s famous vegan sausage roll in 2019 and Subway, which found its new meat Tastes Like Chicken. Free sub this month.

What are Veganism?

In short, veganism is a risky extension of vegetarianism; It is a diet and lifestyle that does not contain animal products or by-products. Over the last two centuries, A lot has changed regarding vegan diet, lifestyle, and history. Let’s look back and explore precisely what Veganuary celebrates and how you can get involved.

What Does Veganuary support?

The work carried out by Veganuary far exceeds the month of January. Throughout the year, the nonprofit organization supports persons and businesses transitioning to a plant-based diet. It is all with products, restaurants, and supermarkets to create, launch, and endorse new vegan items to help people change to veganism to guard the environment, animals, and the health of millions of persons. He also raises awareness of animal suffering, working with several activists to spread awareness.

Why would you do Veganuary?

With so many health assistances of going vegan, trying Veganuary might be just what your lifestyle needs. Studies show that people with vegan or vegetarian diets have a much lower risk of various diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.

Furthermore, veganism is also a great way to get healthier and lose weight after the festive period, as vegan diets naturally decrease calorie eating, promoting healthy weight loss. Veganuary makes a lot of profits, so why not make it a part of your lifestyle, even if it’s just for a month?


How to make Veganuary in a way that works for you

If you’ve decided to go from being a meat eater on New Year’s Eve to be a vegan on January 1, you can’t afford to do what we often suggest: go in through vegetarianism first. But there are many ways to stay on track with Veganuary and meet your New Year’s goal.

1. Get creative with recipes

Don’t stick to the same three recipes every day. You’ll get bored and more likely to quit.

Look on Instagram and peruse the excess of vegan recipes for motivation. You’ll be spoiled for choice from #Vegan, #Vegan Inspo, #Vegan Food, and #Vegan Recipes. Why not invest in new kitchen equipment or create a food Instagram account to celebrate the event? And if you want to pay attention to helping small support businesses. Deliveroo now has a section you can filter by vegan – takeaway doesn’t have to be complicated anymore!

2. Don’t beat yourself up for setbacks

It can take, on a regular, between 21 and 66 days to completely change our behavioural cycles and turn them into natural habits. Slipping is part of human nature, especially when trying something new. The important thing is to remount and continue. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprinting.

3. Make it fun

If you find it firm to stick to a new way of eating and existing, why not ask your families to join you? You don’t have to modification your diet completely. But it’s always more fun when you’re together, there’s a reason people suggest having an accountability partner. You can have Zoom cooking classes or a Zoom version of Come Dine With Me. It surely makes a change from the thousands of Zoom! quizzes!

4. Cook in bulk

Bulk cooking is perfect for anyone, not just vegans. Whether you want to stick to your macronutrients, cut back on spending pennies on takeout, or reduce time spent cooking. Having a freezer full of meals ready for the week is super satisfying and you’re more likely to stick with it.

5. Know what you can eat

There are hundreds of communal media pages, websites, and forums that give you a rundown of what you can and can’t eat as a vegan, making shopping simple. So try the app Is it vegan? which lets you to scan the barcode to find out if the item is, in fact, vegan.

6. Know which products you can use

Many perceive that going vegan is about changing their diet, however, eliminating meat and animal by-products goes far beyond what we have for each meal.

There are tons of non-food products on the market that are made unethically and use animal products. Identifying and then not using these products is a big part of vegan living.

Common Vegan myths

  • Aren’t vegan diets lacking in protein?

Green vegetables, beans and legumes, grains and nuts are great sources of protein that are meatless and packed with flavor. Your Veganuary can also look for protein in everyday foods you already have in your pantry, like pasta and potatoes.

  • Isn’t a vegan diet restrictive?

Many avoid committing to Veganuary thinking that the vegan diet is too restrictive, but it is far from it. Many households are already stocked with plenty of vegan-friendly foods, which makes your Veganuary opportunity seem a little less daunting.

  • Isn’t honey suitable for vegans?

Factors like this are leading to a decay in the bee population, making any bee product or by-product unsuitable for vegans. Cutting any bee products out of your lifestyle during Veganuary is just a great way to help the animals, try new alternatives, and help do your part for the bees.


There are various motives why people choose to live vegan and choose to adapt their everyday actions and behaviors to meet the requirements. Whether it’s because of the exceptional health benefits of the vegan diet or because of the moral stance it takes on animal cruelty, being vegan can be incredibly positive and often requires only small changes.

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