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Feather Tattoo Behind Ear

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Feather Tattoo Behind Ear Tattoos on or near the ear tends to be considered a bold choice as they remain relatively unique. However, they also believe it a safe option for some as these tattoos are easy to hide under hair or a cap.

Tattoos behind the ear are among the easiest to hide. They are like a little secret you carry with you always. But, unfortunately, they are not always easy to spot, even when exposed!

How Painful Is A Tattoo Behind Your Ear?

The part behind the ear and any property near it are sensitive enough to be considered an erogenous zone. It is, therefore, not surprising that tattoos behind the ear are considered particularly painful.

Before you end your tattoo plans, let’s examine why some people find behind-the-ear tattoos more painful and what you can do to kind the knowledge less painful.

What’s The Pain Level Like?

Based on anecdotal indication from experts, the pain is 5+ on a 10-point scale. But getting a tattoo is not the most painful part of the body.

It is consistent with the results of a 2014 study in which the only study participant, the author, had bee stings in 25 different places to assess pain.

He rated the post-auricular area (that’s medical jargon for “behind the ear”) at 5.3 on the pain scale.

Most people describe the pain as bothersome and irritating rather than painful.


Why Do Some People Find Them Further Painful?

The vibration of the tattoo machine is what it does for most people.

The throbbing pain results from the passage of tattoo needles over the mastoid bone that sits behind the ear. The minimal meat makes the sensation particularly noticeable.

The complete of the tattoo machine buzzing near the ear and the abundance of sensory nerves in and around the ears also contribute to a less-than-pleasant experience.

Other factors, such as a person’s expressive state, can also make tattoos behind the ear, or any other tattoo, more painful.

How Long Does The Pain Last?

The worst will pass as soon as you finish your tattoo.

After that, expect pain for the first week, along with swelling, redness, and crusting. After that, the pain and other symptoms should be relatively mild and gradually improve.

Pain Relief Tips

You can do a rare things to ease some of the pain during and after your tattoo behind your ear.

Here are some tips that may help:

  • Choose an experienced tattoo artist. The more skillful and experienced the artist, the less time he will spend on the chair and, therefore, the less he will suffer.
  • Do not drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol before a tattoo increases sensitivity to pain, increases bleeding, and can lead to dehydration.
  • Try relaxation techniques. While negative emotions, such as stress, can increase pain sensitivity, using relaxation systems before and during employment is a good idea. For example, try deep living, meditation, or listening to songs.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration may link to an increased perception of pain. And not drinking sufficient can make you feel bad in general. So be sure to drink sufficiently of water before your appointment and have some on hand during the process.
  • Put something in your belly. Eating a light snack before getting a tattoo can help reduce pain sensitivity and prevent nervous stomach sensations and dizziness.
  • Take breaks as needed. Ask your tattoo artist to give you short breaks if the pain gets too intense. A true professional will have no problem with this.
  • Follow the follow-up instructions. Good follow-up is crucial for remedial and reducing the risk of problems.


Tattoos behind the ear are amongst the easiest to skin. They are like a little secret you carry with you always. But, unfortunately, they are not always easy to spot, even when exposed!

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