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Krave Beauty Last year, KraveBeauty launched zero products. The lack of releases wasn’t due to pandemic-related supply chain issues or the beauty equivalent of writer’s block on the part of skincare brand founder Liah Yoo, the YouTuber turned entrepreneur. Instead, it was determined to step back from the endless rush of beauty products, be intentional in production, and become a more sustainable company.

“With this commitment, we also wanted to show the world that a brand can still produce profitably without making new demands. Afterward, our goal is to sell one invention to 10 people instead of ten to 1 person,” Yoo wrote in a Medium post.

KraveBeauty, which started in 2017, has made progress in 2020 despite its paused product launch. The brand’s sales increased by 250%, and its social media following increased by almost 200% compared to the previous year. “It was an enormous achievement for us, and what success looked like for us in 2020,” Yoo told the Beauty Independent in an interview on Monday.

How did you grow in the beauty industry?


I was naive and high in Seoul, South Korea. Then, when I was studying in college, K-pop was something everyone paid more attention to internationally, and interest in K-pop naturally spread to K- Beauty. That’s when the western world started recognising K-Beauty, and [Soko Glam co-founder] Charlotte Cho began talking about the Korean 10-step skincare routine.

On YouTube, no one has specifically reviewed Korean skincare products. So I thought, “I live in Korea, so I might as well take advantage of the flexibility I have in Korea to purchase and review products.” It is how I started my YouTube channel. I never thought I would have an audience, but little by little, I grew and now have over 1 million subscribers.

Fresh out of college, I applied for a job at Amorepacific’s head office. It was the first time I expose to the beauty industry’s background. As soon as I became an expert, I noticed the capital-intensive side of the beauty industry.

Product launches didn’t come from “Our customers need it; it’s their pain points and the products to solve them.” “We have to hit this year’s sales target, or this flagship product does very well, so let’s expand it to a moisturiser, day cream, and night cream.” They consider customers as a measure, not the people you serve.

A Little Krave Beauty Background

Founded by YouTube star Liah Yoo, originally from Korea, Krave Beauty products formulate there. And they are in line with the K-beauty idea.

K-beauty is about fixing the skin from within, not covering up the skin problems with skincare products. Krave Beauty’s motto is about resetting the skin and returning it to what it should be.

I ordered the snack pack, which comes with 4 of their products in mini. They’re a perfect size and an affordable option for trying out and seeing if they’re for you!

Did you symbol out what you wanted to do on YouTube right away?

It probably took me five years to discover my product market on YouTube. So if we refer to the content

At first, I tried to imitate other content creators with millions of subscribers, but it was never me. Instead, what fueled the growth of my YouTube channel had a refreshing voice in the skincare community.

Before, I had terrible skin and spent money on dermatologists, laser treatments, and acne products. I took oral antibiotics and dried out my skin to the point where it became very papery, but my skin was not improving.

That’s when I changed my approach to skincare. Few people pay attention to what their skin can do on a biological level. So I educated the importance of the skin barrier. People are obsessed with what ingredients like niacinamide or AHAs do these days, but many don’t realize that your skin can do what those ingredients can do.


Your skin is your primary organ, and its natural function is to repair and regulate. Without knowing the composition of the skin, people immediately go out and buy new products to solve the problems, but often the skin can solve them on its own.

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