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Award-winning beauty blogger and makeup artist, Huda Kattan, curved her passion for makeup and skincare into one of the fastest-growing beauty products worldwide. With an ever-growing fan base – now done 47 million Instagram followers – Huda is location trends and making the products to achieve them. From record-breaking eyeshadow palettes and attractively crafted lipsticks to cult complexion formulas and a legit mascara, these products are every beauty lover’s must-haves (and they’re only a click away!)

Huda Kattan found a solution in the beauty industry

You all must have heard about this fact, about how everyone is beautiful in their way. While designing and the production of Huda beauty products, the team always keeps this thing in mind. With the help of which they can develop products for everyone.

When Mrs Kattan found out the type of eyelashes she wanted weren’t even created yet, she decided to create her own. Not everyone knows about it, but Mrs Kattan initially started writing blogs about the beauty and fashion niche. That journey took her to create a multi-million dollar company.

It products are made up of genuine quality, with the help of which you can get the best possible outcomes. Not only that, the packaging is made in such a way so that you can easily apply them without actually having a look at the user manual.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for Huda beauty products:

  • Firstly you would be able to get a beauty product for everything.
  • Secondly, all Huda makeup products are made up of high-quality material and are easy to use.
  • The application is easy, and hence you will never face any side effects after using these beauty products.

Huda Beauty Foundation


Another Huda fave is the #FauxFilter Foundation, designed with multi-faceted pigments that add definition and a time-released moisture complex that seals in hydration. It leaves skin looking beautifully hydrated, sculpted, and even-toned. It’s sensually soft and smooth, luxuriously comfortable, and can give you up to 8-hours of wear.

This transfer-resistant and waterproof foundation formula keep up with your busy life, is oil-free and oil-controlling. #FauxFilter lasts in hot and humid weather and feels lightweight and comfortable. It unifies an uneven skin tone and covers imperfections. The overall formula to create this product is fantastic, which means it will offer you the perfect dark colour after applying, not only that it does not smudge away. The Huda beauty foundation price is reasonable and affordable on

You can buy every Huda product from Sephora and get an effective discount on Huda beauty makeup products.

If you are look for Huda beauty online shopping, then Sephora is the best place for you.

Huda Beauty Foundation vs Fenty Beauty Foundation.

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation and Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’ r Lenient Matte Longwear Foundation are two of the successful foundations about. Both Huda Beauty and Fenty Beauty endlessly release makeup products that are only too solid to resist.

Significant the powerhouses behind these brands helps to recognize why their products have stood out from so many others! Both Huda and Rihanna are legends in their own truths and their makeup proves it!

Huda Beauty and Fenty Beauty are equally at the top of the ready when it comes to their bestselling foundations. My biggest problem with so many remarkable products is which one to buy?! And I’m sure you’ve come crosswise similar dilemmas:)

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

Huda Beauty’s Faux Filter is a one-layer full coverage foundation. The finish is definitely a real-life Instagram filter that is matte and glowing at the same time.

The Faux Filter is definitely best for special occasions and big events to really get that glam factor. If you prefer heavier attention during the day and have more blemishes or pigmentation to cover then you’ll love this foundation! The Faux Foundation has you covered.


Huda Beauty by inspiring and powerful women that aim to give us quality makeup products. They contribute to the better of the makeup world, making products that are inclusive and innovative.

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