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Natural Deodorants – Do Natural Deodorants Actually Work?

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Natural Deodorants

I changed to natural deodorants in 2018, starting with what I could find at my local pharmacy (at the time, Tom’s) and trying other formulas from there. Back then, options were limited, but in the years since, it seems almost every personal care brand has released its natural deodorant.

There are deodorant sticks from Native, roll-ons after Real Purity, and even an acid-based deodorant from beauty brand Kosas that’s fictional to make you smell like nothing. After trying a lot and talking to experts, I now consider myself well-versed in natural deodorants.

And the one thing you want to know about them is that they won’t stop you from breaking a sweat. That’s because natural formulas lack aluminum, the ingredient in conventional antiperspirants that clogs sweat glands. As the name implies, dermatologist Dr Shari Sperling told us that antiperspirants “work to block sweat ducts,” while deodorants are meant to eliminate odor. Experts told us that natural deodorants have alternative ingredients like glycerin, which can absorb moisture to help keep you dry and make you feel like you’re not sweating.

Finding one that works for you is an exceptionally private cycle that will probably include experimentation. One individual’s #1 regular antiperspirant may not work for somebody with more hypersensitive skin or a heavier sweater. What’s more, since there are such countless variables to consider (do you need a charcoal-based antiperspirant or one with starch powder? A gel, or a cream?), I reviewed a modest bunch of clean excellence specialists, dermatologists, and Planner staff individuals. To track down the best regular antiperspirants for a wide range of sweaters.

Do Natural Deodorants Work?

Natural sprays could also be a good alternative for people who have tried many conservative antiperspirants and deodorants and create that their skin is sensitive. Again, it’s important to remember that aluminum-free natural deodorants don’t prevent sweating they mask its odor.


Best Natural Deodorant for Reducing Sweat

While the only FDA-approved antiperspirant is aluminum, there is anecdotal evidence that this Real Purity deodorant helps reduce sweat. It’s become a cult favorite among Strategist employees since Aubrey Plaza introduced it to us in 2017. We investigated its seemingly magical properties in 2021, and while dermatologists say there’s no natural antiperspirant, some ingredients are better at soaking up sweat.

What others. Natural Purity uses vegetable glycerin and aloe, which dermatologist Dr Marisa Garshick told us “doesn’t prevent sweat from forming, but can help absorb moisture, minimizing the feeling of clammy.” Planner Senior Editor Simone Kitchens (who has been using the deodorant since 2018) says this is the one natural deodorant she’s tried that hasn’t stopped working. It’s also odorless, which she describes as a benefit. “It doesn’t smell cedar, sage, geranium or whatever,” she says. “Smells like nothing.”

Best Natural Deodorant for Heavy Jerseys without Baking Soda

Kirbie Johnson, beauty journalist and co-host of the Gloss Angeles podcast, swears by this Piper Wai cream, which helped her survive a hot day in Texas without any foul odor. “The other deodorants I took felt like they were vanishing off my body the minute they were applied, but this one worked and stayed taking place.

Even in 100-degree heat, it didn’t smell,” she says. Its main fixings are charcoal and tapioca starch, which absorb sweat and control odor. It also contains essential oils such as citrus and mint, giving it a light and pleasant aroma. “The key is to smooth it generously over your armpit with your fingers,” says Johnson, noting that a pea-sized amount is enough. If you are sensitive to coconut oil, she recommends patch testing and proceeding with caution.

Best Natural Deodorant if you’re original to Natural Deodorants

Dove is a major player in traditional deodorants but has also recently expanded into natural deodorants. It’s zero percent aluminum choice comes in familiar scents (like cucumber and green tea) and is widely available at big box retailers. Strategist writer Chloe Anello is a fan.

Anello has been loyal to Dove antiperspirants but tried the aluminum-free version in her favorite scent, cucumber, and green tea. “It has the same fresh scent as an antiperspirant. So most importantly, I don’t feel like I smell during the day,” she writes.


It isn’t so much that regular antiperspirants are incapable, however it requires investment to show the outcome as your body needs time to detox and manage its internal heat level. When your body goes through the entire course of detoxing from the standard antiperspirant. You can effectively turn into a characteristic antiperspirant user..!!

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