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Bronzer Makeup Looks That Are Perfect for Summer

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Bronzer makeup looks When it comes to versatility, few makeup products scores as high in summer as bronzers. Whether for a brown glow or to define your features, bronzer is the multi-tasker you need to reach for to achieve your idea of glowing skin. If you’re new to sunscreen or want to improve your skills, you’ve come to the correct place. We chatted with New York makeup artist Brenna D about all the reasons to love bronzer and rounded up our favourite bronzer makeup looks to help you get started on your #glowgoals.

But first, if it seems like bronzer has been a fashionable beauty staple forever, it is. Bronzer can make worn in endless ways, on fair skin, deep skin and everything in between, making it easy to apply in almost any makeup style. Brenna D says it’s so versatile because “the bronzer can be used on face and body, mixed with moisturiser or applied as is, and comes in various textures and shades from matte to shimmer and to shimmer”. And it does not stop there. Brenna D also adds that there are many ways to apply bronzer.

1. Bronzed and Beachy

That cool surf blush we all love? You don’t need to spend a day in the sun (wearing your SPF, of course) to get that glowing skin. Brenna D says the best bronzers to use are liquid bronzers, plus a little skincare, for a naturally dewy, slightly dewy bronzed colour. “Liquid bronzers can also be used over or mixed with skincare products for an authentic beach bronzed look,” says Brenna D. “Because liquids spread, they’re ideal for large areas of skin. A liquid bronzer applies with your fingertips by dabbing the product along your forehead and cheekbones, just below where you would apply highlighter.

2. Defined and Contoured

Whether you want to define or complete your favourite features lightly, bronzer is the answer. says Brenna D. “If you want to add natural contrast and subtle definition to your features. I will choose a matte bronzer that is more neutral than warm, relative to your skin tone.” A matte cream is great for adding subtle depth and warmth to areas of skin you want to contour.

Matte creams tend to be more pigmented/heavier. So I recommend heating the product if applying with your fingers or pressing down on the application if using a brush/sponge. (Learn all about the difference between bronzer and contour here.)


3. All Blushed Up

A rosy bronze blush accented with pink blush gives Halle Bailey a wonderful beach day (or beach party) vibes. Brenna D says, “A luminous cream is great for adding a dewy, bronzed glow to the skin, as it tends to have a smoother, more buildable finish.” We love cream formulas because they’re easy to apply with a makeup brush, beauty sponge or fingertip, perfect for hassle-free holiday makeup.

4. Subtle Sun-Kissed Glam

While we love an all-over beachy glow, a soft tan like this is excellent, lightweight, and perfect for everyday wear. To avoid getting a fake tan, Brenna D says, “Choosing the right bronzer shade is the most important thing! Stay 2/3 shades deeper than your foundation and start with less to create the bronzed glow. Remember to look at all the skin you’ve shown when applying the bronzer. You don’t want to have a beautiful tan face that doesn’t match your neck and chest.

5. An Under Foundation Flush

Applying it before foundation will leave you in awe for those who want t the most natural touch of tan. “With liquid, cream, and gel bronzers, you can apply them after skincare, then apply a light-coverage foundation for a glow from within. [You can] do the same with your blush,” says Brenna D. Another reason to love? The natural blush focuses on the eyes, letting them shine while your contours glow. I’ll be right back, trying this one out right away. After.

6. All Over Eyes

Try bronzer as an eye shadow to add contrast and definition to your eye area! Brenna D suggests a few ways to apply it: “Swipe [bronze] into the crease as a transition colour or for subtle definition, and blend under the eyes for a sultry look.” Apply all over the eyelid for a wash of colour, or if the product has a shimmer, you can dab it in the middle on another shadow for an “eye-opening” effect.

7. Paired with Bold Lips

What is the best match for a bright red lip colour? A light and fresh touch of bronzer, luminous on the cheeks and melted in the crease of the eyes for a touch of definition and a rosy glow. Opt for a bronzer with a hint of shine for an extra dimension that will put your skin in the spotlight while your red lips pop.


The chief difference between bronzer makeup looks and highlighter is their drive. You can use bronzer to create a sun-kissed expression on your look. While a highlighter can fashion a dewy or glowing effect. You can also use a muted bronzer to contour the face by creating the illusion of shadows.

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